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looking out for the best interests of children

Whether a child is born to a married couple or two people who have not taken that formal step, we look out for their best interests. Support matters and time spent with children can become complicated legal issues and contentious personal matters. At Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A., children come first. Their emotional and financial needs must be met, regardless of how their parents feel about each other.

Informal agreements related to child custody and support seems easy to create on the surface. But if disputes arise, those verbal pacts can be quickly ignored. Contact our Jacksonville office at 904-834-4597.

The Need for Formal Custody and Support Agreements

At Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A., we are seeing more parents who are not married. They lack the rights that formerly married couples enjoy. Fathers come to us after being contacted by the Florida Department of Revenue. Paternity is established, yet they do not have visitation with their child. However, they are required to pay support. Conversely, mothers need help when fathers have visitation, but do not see the need to provide much-needed financial help for their children.

Too much is at stake not to have a written agreement for child custody and support. Biological fathers, whether married or not when their child was born, run the risk of losing their drivers' license should they fail to pay court-ordered child support. Mothers need to protect their rights and seek a formal custody and support arrangement for their children's benefit.

First-Hand Experience Combined With Compassionate Advocacy

Our experienced divorce attorneys will provide first-hand perspectives to your complex legal matters. Like the other members of our firm, they welcome new clients into our family.

Contact us for a free consultation. During this time, a member of our firm can assess your case and determine the best way in which to pursue a resolution that is in your best interests.

For help with your family law matter, contact our Jacksonville office today at 904-834-4597 to schedule an appointment at our firm. We will work to protect you and your family's rights and interests.